Textbook Identity:

The title                       : Get Along With English (for Vocational Grade X Novice Level)

The writer                    : Entin Sutinah, dkk

Year of publication     : 2010

Publisher                     : Erlangga

A.    Report

  1. Model of language use

Model of language use in this textbook is good because the language is authentic, it can be seen from the text and dialogue that presented in this textbook.

2. Experience of language use

Experience of language use is good; it can be seen on the kind of language use that the writer presented in this textbook.

3. Stimulation for language use

Stimulation for language use in this textbook is average. The textbook stimulate the student to learn, but the stimulation given by this textbook is not too challenging. It can be seen from the too many activity presented in this textbook

4. Aims of material

The textbook is good in the aims of material. The aims of material are to motivate student in learning, to solve the students’ problem in practicing their English skills. These are can be seen from the content of materials in this textbook.

5. Content of material

The content of material presented in this textbook is quietly good.  The content of materials includes the four language skills.

6. Learning experience

Learning experience is good. Students not only get learning experience in the class, but also outside the class.

7. Appropriateness to the learner’s need and interest

Appropriateness to the learner’s need and interest is average. The textbook is appropriate to the learner’s need, but it is not too appropriate to the learner’s interest.

B.     Analysis

  1. Model of Language Use

The model of language use in this book is authentic, that is like real-life English. For example, the textbook contain the way native speaker used language or say something. Then, the progression of grammar points and vocabulary items is appropriate. The grammar points are presented with brief and easy examples and explanations. The model of language can be seen from the text and dialogue presented in this textbook.

Model of language usually use in many textbook is tend to be not communicative. The textbook just visualize as act like a teacher and do not communicative with the students. But in the textbook that we analyze, model of language use can make the students understand about what the students read (materials). There is no distance between the students with textbook. Textbook can be a partner, make the students have fun and enjoy when they are study.

2. Experience of Language Use

Experience of language use in this textbook can be seen in the kind of language that the writer presented. In textbook, beside present the verbal language, also present general sign language. The textbook create experience for student. It contain activities like understanding, reading, doing conversation, translating, arranging and soon.

The textbook then, present formal and non formal language. Uniquely, the textbook shares knowledge to the student about the way greeting in other country like Australia. So, the students have wide knowledge about using English in many time, place, or situations.

3. Stimulation for Language Use

Actually, the language use in this textbook is varieties, it concludes formal and informal language, verbal and non verbal language, and all of them give the students stimulation. But for more stimulation to the students, the textbook must have variation by using puzzle, games such as ular tangga, playing card, and so on. If the language use has variation, the students have more stimulation to solve the challenging problem. So, this way can the students enjoy in studying materials.

4. Aims of Material

Aims of material in this textbook are good. The materials are very interesting that equipped with pictures in the materials. And then, the materials is little challenging and stimulate the students until the students have more motivation to learn the materials in textbook. Beside the aims of material as motivation to learn, the material in textbook deeply and useful to solve assignment. The materials in this textbook also have roles as tool of evaluation about the ability that have by the students. In other word, aims of material can give assessment until the students can measure them self.5. Content of Material

The content of material in this textbook is complete, that is consist of four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), presented in application level, and meaningful by using dialogue, and picture. The content includes many topics that related to the student’s activities in daily life. For example, in chapter 1 the material is about greetings that is the important aspect in life and in the next chapter the material is also talk about what the students’ need. The content of material is varieties. The content is not only about the daily activities but also about expressions and signs. Then, the materials are not culturally biased and they do not portray any negative stereotypes.

But, beside that, when we look at the topic of each material, it is only related to the social aspect of life; there is no connection to the political view or historical aspect. As Greene and petty said that the good textbook are contain material that related to the other subject. Then, the content of material is not too challenging because we have seen that the content of material in every chapter is in the same pattern, there are no challenging activity like puzzle or game.

5. Learning Experiences

The textbook give more learning experience for student. Selecting and organizing materials is important in create more learning experience. The material in this textbook has been selected and organized to create learning experiences. This textbook does not only give knowledge to the student, but it also encourage student to be able to practice their English skill.

The learning experiences are not only getting from the textbook. The textbook is also give suggestion or task to the students to surf the site. The textbook give student more learning experiences because the student can add their knowledge from the internet. In order to improve the students’ knowledge, this textbook gives the website that can be search by student in outside the class.

6. Appropriateness to the learner’s needs and interests

The student’s needs are the knowledge about language and skill to use language correctly. The textbook is appropriate to the student’s need because it give knowledge about language such as grammar and vocabulary and knowledge about how to use it. Then, the textbook presents many activities that should be done by students so that they can to use language correctly. For example, one of the activity presented in this textbook is conversation or dialogue, when the students practice it, it can be skill for them in speaking, and the teacher guide them and correct their pronunciation. This textbook then, also give the way how to use language like native speaker.

The textbook is not too appropriate to the student interest. It is contain too many activities that can make student bored in learning. So, the anticipation is the teacher must have method and strategy to make their students interesting. But in the other hand, this textbook contain instruction which followed by illustration picture that may make student interest.

C.    Strengths

  1. Model of language use is authentic.
  2. The content of material is complete; it is consist of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  3. Textbook give illustration or picture to make student interest
  4. Textbook give additional knowledge about outside the world, like  share knowledge and surf the site
  5. Explanation about grammar is simple and understandable
  6. D.    Weaknesses
    1. The weakness of this textbook is it presents too many activities that can make student boring.
    2. The textbook is not too challenging, because there is no puzzle or game that can stimulate students in learning.
    3. The topic of each material is only related to the social aspect of life; there is no connection to the political view or historical aspect.
    4. E.     Recommendation

We recommend that this textbook is proper to use for vocational student in the grade X. But the textbook should have little revision by adding the more challenging material.


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